Passion for writing… Gone

This is going to be a pretty sporadic post.

I remember the days where I used to bring along a few pieces of paper/notebook and a pen or two out just so I can keep record of what was happening in my daily life. After which, I’d transfer what I’ve written to my blog when I got home (I used to own one when I was a primary & secondary school student) – with a little editing here and there of course. πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t say that I have a fantastic grasp of the English language; in fact, till today, IΒ still don’t get what are nouns, adjectives and the like. Funnily enough,Β I usually get good grades in English. Once, I got a B for anΒ exam and I broke down in the middle of classΒ as I had expected an A… Well, that was pretty embarrassing. Oops, I have digressed a little.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I really enjoyed writing when I was little. That’s why I opted to take Mass Communication when I graduated from secondary school as I believed it was my passion. Well, I thought wrong. Somehow along the way, I did not enjoy writing as much as before and I struggled quite a bit for my writing assignments. And that was also part of the reason why I stopped blogging altogether.

I think I can safely say that my English has deteriorated significantly. 😦

I remember how I used to say that my blog is an essential part of my life because it comprises of memories and experiences, be it good or bad. Unfortunately, everything’s gone now as I’ve deleted most of my posts. I just gotta rely on my long-term memory and pray it won’t fail me… yet.

Writing has become more of a chore over the years, and I don’t really like that. Where did my love for it go?