It’s a little late, but Happy New Year!

2017 had been pretty exciting:

1. I completed my university studies. Deferred my graduation ceremony (held on 29 Oct 2017) to March 2018 as it clashed with my Hong Kong – Ipoh trip then.

2. Took up a new job in financial planning (helping my agency to do recruitment and administrative matters as well – though I’m actually focusing on the latter). I’m intending to change job in the second or third quarter of 2018 to pursue a career in generalist HR or Recruitment but nothing is set in stone yet so we shall see how things go first.

3. Marriage application form got approved by MOM (my boyfriend is a Malaysian work-permit holder).

4. My boyfriend (now fiancé) proposed to me at Hong Kong. Tears of happiness were shed on that day. I was extremely touched and surprised that he roped in my Hong Kong friends cum ex-colleagues in his plans.

However, my family is understandably not supportive of our marriage plans as I’m only 22 years old (turning 23 this year) and they think that I have not thought things thoroughly enough. Yes, being together with a non-local can be tough in terms of getting housing, raising children etc. but we figured we should take things one step at a time. If my dad can do it (my mum is not a local too – she’s a Filippino), why can’t I?

5. Embraced minimal living and currently in the process of decluttering my room and other material possessions. In fact, I have donated 5 bags of clothes to charity (that’s 1/2 my wardrobe) I still have a long way to go but I think this is a good start.

It’s only mid Jan 2018 now and I already can’t wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds.

I have decided to delete my old posts (as usual) and start afresh. I intend to update this platform more frequently from this year onwards to preserve memories, to track my monthly expenses/savings, and simply to share my personal thoughts/views on various topics ranging from personal finance, career, and life in general.