How it all began…

The boy took the time off his busy schedule to attend my graduation ceremony (4 May)

The boy took the time off his busy schedule to attend my graduation ceremony (4 May)

I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend in September 2013.

I remember my first impression of him wasn’t exactly that good. I thought he was quite ‘wild’; often frequenting clubs, smoke, picking up chicks and so on. (Which I later found out he was, but that was a couple of years back, and he’s now a changed person) He was quite friendly, but I knew I had to keep my guard up for fear of being his next ‘victim’. Little did I know that I’d one day end up falling for him.

It all started when he initiated a conversation with me on Facebook, a few days after our first meeting. At that point of time, I was still wary of him because he seemed a little too friendly, it’s as though he was trying to flirt with me. Nevertheless, I responded to his messages since I thought it was harmless fun. It’s not like I was going to see him again, right? (How wrong I was)

A few days later, I discovered WeChat and decided to add him as a contact. That was the start of our daily conversations. He would send messages to me whenever he’s free (he’s working most of the time) and would call me whenever he knocks off from work. It’s like we’re already together, but in actual fact, we’re not.

Our first ‘date’ was to East Coast Park, during his day off. He rented the double bike since I can’t cycle for nuts so I happily sat behind him as he took control of everything. After some time of cycling, we stopped to rest. We laid on the rocks by the waters and watched the sunset while listening to music. It felt like a scene out of a romance movie, only that we were just platonic friends… then.

We had dinner afterwards and we talked about our past relationship experiences. He got extremely shocked when he saw me tearing up all of a sudden and tried his best to cheer me up. He even offered me his shoulder to lean on, which I did, eventually. At that point of time, he was already starting to develop feelings for me but I was completely unaware of it.

He didn’t contact me much over the next two weeks. He still sent morning texts but it just didn’t feel the same. I was too used to getting so much attention from him beforehand that now that he’s contacting me lesser, I felt something amiss. One night, I decided to ring him up because I was feeling low and he immediately stopped whatever he was doing to talk to me, to cheer me up.

His calls got more frequent after that night. I remember there were a couple of times he said he misses me and I simply laughed it off. I thought he was just joking so I didn’t really think much of it. As I kept getting mixed signals, I told myself to stop harboring so much hopes, and I even thought of ignoring him completely the next time he tries to contact me… but I didn’t.

I remember he was slightly tipsy one particular night, and we were cracking jokes when he suddenly said, “Can I like you? I guess it’s impossible, right?” I immediately responded “Huh?” and he apologised for spouting nonsense as he had too much to drink. I didn’t think much of it until a few days/weeks later.

I was feeling miserable on that particular night so I decided to call him. As usual, he stopped everything he was doing then to listen to me sobbing and ranting incessantly. He gave pretty good advice, but he sort of nagged at me, which reminded me a lot of my dad so I exclaimed, “You sound a lot like my dad! So should I call you daddy?” He then said, “No, I want to be your boyfriend, not your dad.” Thinking that I heard wrongly, I asked him to repeat what he just said, but he didn’t want to. I left it just at that.

A few days later, he confessed that he had feelings for me. It wasn’t exactly very romantic; in fact I thought it was pretty daring of him to state that he likes me AND he knows that I like him too. I was literally left speechless. What made him have such a strong confidence?

But anyway, long story cut short – We had a good talk about our past and what we hope to achieve together in future. Many things occurred in between now and then (more of me getting insecure and flaring up at him/ignoring him/pushing him away) but he never fails to give up on me.

We officially got together on 21 November 2013.

Well, actually, probably a week or two before the “official day” but I guess it’s all good. It’s easier to remember this way. πŸ™‚

He’s a good listening ear, a good partner and well, basically, he’s awesome. He has met my family, including my grandparents… I’ve seen his parents via video call when he was back in his hometown… We got similar Christmas gifts for each other (couple necklaces!) which was such a coincidental thing – we think alike, I guess. He always look out for me and never fails to do his best to make me happy. He never breaks any of his promises to me.

I really appreciate how understanding and patient he has been with me so far. Although I’m uncertain about how the future will turn out for the both of us, I pray we’ll alwaysΒ play an important role in each other’s lives and grow old together.


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